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PTC thermistor

  • Description
    • Commodity name: PTC thermistor
    • Commodity ID: JKCPTC001

          PTC thermistors works rely on it's self-regulating effect as it's unique property. In heating applications, PTC offers long term stability while providing unmatched safety against overheating, unlike the traditional resistance coil heating element, PTC operates more efficiently and safely.


    • Fan heating element for ceramic heater fan, hair dryer, hand dryer, clothes dryer, dish dryer etc.
    • Heating plates for coffee makers, steam irons, cooking devices, facial sauna, humidifier etc.
    • Tube heating elements for curing irons, wax-warmer, glue gun, dehumidifier etc.
    • Other shapes of heating element can be used for mosquito repellent, liquid warmer, control devices etc.  



    • Rated Voltage: 6V~48V 100~120V 200~240V
    • Curie Temperature: 50~280 ℃
    • Resistance Range: 0.4~5.0K ohm
    • Dimension: 5x 4mm~ 35x20 mm
    • Types: Circle , rectangle , ring

    Key words:
    • PTC heating element
    • PTC thermistor

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