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Water Dispersion liquid of carbon nanotubes

  • Description
    • Commodity name: Water Dispersion liquid of carbon nanotubes
    • Commodity ID: M001
    Nanoport is a branch company of Jinke Our company has developed a variety of inorganic and organic carbon nanotube dispersion liquid, it solves the problem of CNTs dispersion.It contains 2% -5% of CNTs in the dispersion liquid. It can be diluted according to customer’s need. It can be easy to use for customers and also can expand the product applications 1、Water dispersion liquid of CNTs 2、Organic solvents dispersion liquid of CNTs (Alcohols, benzene, pyrrolidone class, formyl amine, etc. Or customized according to demand) 3、Dispersion liquid according to special demand For more details, Welcome to visit our website: www.nanotubes.com.cn

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