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Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotubes

  • Description
    • Commodity name: Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotubes
    • Commodity ID: M004

    Nanoport is a branch company of Jinke Our company has developed a variety of inorganic and organic carbon nanotube dispersion liquid, it solves the problem of CNTs dispersion.It contains 2% -5% of CNTs in the dispersion liquid. It can be diluted according to customer’s need. It can be easy to use for customers and also can expand the product applications Multi-walled carbon nanotubes -10 1、Purity:>97% 2、Outer diameter:<10nm 3、Length:5-15μm 4、Special surface area:200-250 m2/g 5、Thermal conductivity:~2000 W/m·k For more details, Welcome to visit our website: www.nanotubes.com.cn

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