Founded in 1987, Shenzhen Jinke Special Material Co., Ltd. specializes in research, development, production and sale of new functional materials. In 1992, the company was identified as Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise, one of the first batch of identified enterprises of Shenzhen. In 2008, it became National High-tech Enterprise.

With technology of the Institute of Metal Research Chinese Academy of Science as support, market as orientation and new functional material as development direction, Jinke has been awarded “The First Prize of Science and Technology Advancement” by Chinese Academy of Sciences”, four Certificates for National New Products and a large number of high and new tech achievements which are represented by hundreds of patents. So far, Jinke has had more than 200 high-tech products in five series, namely ceramic PTC, macromolecule PTC, small appliances, lithium ion battery materials and carbon nano tubes.

The company has built strong market sales network at home and abroad and had large customer group. Most products take the lead in domestic market and have been exported to more than 30 countries and areas, enjoying certain market share in international market.

The company unswervingly implements five competitive strategies of “Core Technology Leading Strategy, Total Cost Leading Strategy, Differentiation Strategy, Goal Gathering Strategy and Internationalization Strategy”. By strengthening enterprise cultural construction, reinforcing basic management system focusing on human resource management, financial budget management and ISO9000 system management and building market-guided marketing management system, it continuously improves its competence and development capacities.