11th Feb.1987,  Jinke company established in the Hi-tech Park of Shenzhen;

Y1989, Jinke start to study the PTC technology and deal with the PTC's aging problem in Y1192,being the first company who came over this issue!

Y1993 , Cooperated with GREE, the PTC heating element was used in window air-conditioners for the first time!

Y1994, study the polymer PTC materials successfully!

Y1994, established the first subsidiary SUN-ZONE,specialized in "NUAN TAI LANG" fan heaters.

Y1998,Jinke industrial builting was ready.

Y2001,established Jinrui Electric Materials Company ,mainly in polymer PTC resettable fuses.

Y2003, established Kingrun Energy Materials Company,mainly in Anode & Cathode Materials of batteries.

Y2005, established a MCH factory.

Y2009, New industrial Park were built. Purchased the Nanotube port company.