strategic target
development direction 
New functional materials.
Development goals
Build Jinke into a high-tech material group company with a certain scale, leading technology, strong profitability, and the ability to fully participate in domestic and international competition and cooperation.
management idea
Employees are the most valuable resource.
The core of values
Progressive business philosophy and innovative spirit.
Core competitiveness
People with progressive business philosophy, innovative spirit, outstanding talents, and high dedication, as well as a highly cohesive team composed of these people.
Business Philosophy
Enterprises are people, and productivity is determined by employees.
Enterprise Purpose
Pursue the enterprise's Profit maximization, pay taxes to the state, improve the life of employees, and increase the value of shareholders' investment.
Corporate Purpose
Satisfy our customers, they are our food and clothing parents, providing them with the excellent products and services they need.
Corporate spirit
Beyond oneself, challenging limits, studying hard, and continuously innovating.
Business Policy
Strategic Policy
Being in Jinke, focusing on the industry, striving to become a leader, and contributing to society.
Management Policy
Market oriented, technologically advanced, quality oriented, and talent oriented.
Market Policy
Pioneering and enterprising, striving to become a leader, creating famous brands, and satisfying customers.
Competitive strategy
Core technology leadership strategy, total cost leadership strategy, differentiation strategy, target aggregation strategy, and entry into international markets strategy.
Market concept
The market is the driving force behind all business activities, and it is the center of all our business activities.
Market awareness
Full market awareness extends the external marketization awareness to internal marketization: you are the market for the previous process (factory), the next process (factory) is your market, everyone has a market, everyone is the market.
market value
The value of our enterprise is determined by the market. The salary is paid by the company, and the money is given by the customer.
market competition 
In the industry, we must have the largest customer base, and whoever has a customer base has irreplaceable competitiveness.
Market Services
Three Services and Three Satisfaction: Serve the next process and satisfy them; Serving downstream factories to their satisfaction; Serve external customers and satisfy them.
Management philosophy
Management mechanism
The management organization should be decentralized, and the whole company should operate as a Combined Fleet rather than a train.
management model 
The company has different management models at different stages, and the current management models are OEC and PDCA, focusing on execution and details.
R&D strategy
Principle: Produce one generation, develop one generation, and conceive one generation.
Project selection: Projects that enhance and consolidate our core competencies. We will not expand in non related fields, nor will we engage in duplicate competition with competitors at a low level. Principle 212 (Two Major, One Heavy, Two Outgoing): Vigorously invest funds, manpower, reward contributors, and produce results and talents.
Basic management
Main line: Management by objectives.
Ten basic management systems: goals, plans, budgets, technical processes, quality, logistics, performance, costs, monitoring, and OEC.
Production management
Three must be: strict (strict standards, strict systems, strict requirements, strict execution), detailed (details determine success or failure), and persistent (execution without any excuse).